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Mainstream Living Breaks Ground on New Home

July 15, 2020

Mainstream Living has broken ground on a new group home located in Ames.  This project will provide for the construction of a fully-accessible five bedroom home which we are calling a “model Supported Community Living (SCL) home). Located on Douglas Avenue, the home will serve five individuals. In our long history of serving people with varying needs, we continue to learn how to best provide support to our members in an environment most suited to their needs. The Douglas Home will serve a combination of individuals who may be considered medically fragile as well as those who are more independent. This balance helps to better integrate and support members
while more effectively managing our staff and their skills.

The home will be approximately 3000 square feet on one level. Five bedrooms and two accessible restrooms will serve the members and the common areas of the home will be open spaces with wide hallways to accommodate wheelchair users. A separate office and restroom area for staff will also be included. The layout and design of this “model” home was developed as a result of numerous conversations and focus groups with front-line staff, parents, and members.  We look forward to opening the home in early 2021.  

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