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In order to create an environment where Mainstream Living employees are appropriately recognized for contributions that reflect the mission, vision, values, and member-centered focus of the organization, our Employee Recognition Program will offer monthly, quarterly, and annual awards. Nominations may be submitted by peers, members/guardians, managers, or members of the Executive Management Team.


Monthly - Service Excellence Award

Purpose: To provide monthly recognition of employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in supporting members or helping to improve programs and services.  

Eligibility: This award is open to all employees.  

Deadline: Nominations must be submitted by the last day of each month. Nominations submitted after the last day will be considered for the following month’s awards.  

Quarterly - Mission Maker Award

Purpose: To provide special quarterly recognition to employees who have already demonstrated excellence in their nomination for the monthly Service Excellence Award. Candidates for the quarterly award will be assessed on the following:  

  • Impact - Service, dedication, professionalism, and compassion in working with members or their families.  Employee has displayed great accountability and depth of service that has made a significant difference to an individual or site. 
  • Innovation - Contribution toward more effective or efficient operations that have led the organization to, save money, have exceptional fiscal responsibility, improve productivity, or improve service quality.
  • Leadership - Inspiring, motivating, mentoring, and/or coaching a member or an employee/team in achieving more than they would under normal circumstances
  • Significance - Accomplishments which greatly contribute to the overall success of a team, program, or the entire organization. 

Eligibility: This award is open to employees who have been nominees of the past quarter’s monthly Service Excellence Award.  
Deadline: N/A - Winners will be selected from the previous quarter's nominations.  


Annual Recognition Awards

Purpose: Annual awards are intended to honor employees for their significant contributions to our members, our programs, and the organization.  The categories of awards align with our mission, vision, and values and support a culture of rewarding outstanding work and building long-lasting relationships with those we serve. 

  • Must be employed with the organization for at least six months
  • Recognize contributions over a period of time, rather than a single instance
  • Serve as an excellent role model for others in the organization

Deadline: Nominations for annual awards may be submitted at any time throughout the year, but must be received by October 1st of each year.  

Descriptions and Links to Annual Recognition Award Nominations

Community Inclusion Award  - This award is in recognition of excellence in the practice and commitment to inclusion. Click here to nominate now! 

Believe It, Achieve It Empowerment Award - Empowerment refers to actions designed to increase independence and self-determination.  Nominees should demonstrate consistency in encouraging members to represent their own interests.  Click here to nominate now!

Winners in Wellness Award - This award recognizes an individual whose work has dramatically improved the mental or physical health and/or wellness of a member or members. Click here to nominate now!

Champion of Change Award - This award is intended to foster innovations that change or enhance work processes, which strengthen the organization and/or result in improved member care.  Click here to nominate now!

Difference Maker of the Year - This high honor is given to an employee who has demonstrated exceptional work ethic, a deep sense of engagement, and a tremendous commitment to members.  It is recognition that someone has made a significant difference in the life of an individual with a disability or mental illness. Click here to nominate now!

Rising Star Leader of the Year - The high honor recognizes individuals who have shown great potential in being future leaders within the organization or the industry. Click here to nominate now!



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