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Residential Care Facility (RCF-PMI)

The eleven-bed Residential Care Facility for Persons with Mental Illness (RCF-PMI) is designed to provide traditional structures and supports to people with chronic and persistent mental illness while allowing active involvement of the individual in planning and directing their lives.

Service philosophy centers on strengthening an individual’s abilities while lessening the impact of their disability. Each member’s strengths, needs, skills, and barriers to recovery and re-integration into the community are assessed. Services are tailored to meet each individual’s distinct needs while providing new options for gaining independence and achieving personal aspirations. Membership driven day habilitation is provided seven days a week. Services are built around a team concept and utilize and support the residential component of each consumer’s needs.

For additional information, please see the following:

Family Orientation Manual - RCF

Member Orientation Manual - RCF


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