Mainstream Living

Community Housing

Mainstream Living provides community housing solutions for persons in the Intellectual Disabilities waiver (HSBC/ID) and persons in the Brain Injury Waiver (HCBS/BI) under the Home and Community Based Services program. Our HCBS program primarily operates in Polk, Story and Dallas Counties and is available for adults of all ages who meet the admission criteria. Services are provided in the individual's home and can range from a few hours per week to 24 hours per day.

Residential and housing services address the desires, goals, abilities, needs, health and safety of each individual. Services are generally long-term in nature, but may change in scope, duration, intensity or location as the obligations and preferences of individuals change over time. We work with each of our members and their team to assess their goals and interests. This is done to assist in the following areas as needed:

  • Identification of appropriate goals, support or treatment services
  • Assistance and referral in meeting basic human needs
  • Assistance with housing and living arrangements
  • Crisis intervention
  • Arrangement for personal, environmental and community supports
  • Development of natural support systems
  • Community skills training
  • Personal advocacy development


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