Mainstream Living


At Mainstream Living, our mission, vision, and values drives everything we do.  We believe in flexibility, rewarding outstanding work, promoting from within, and building long-lasting relationships with our employees and those we serve.  Our culture makes these things possible.  It's challenging, fun, supportive, and a great place to grow.  


We think our more than 500 employees are kind of a big deal.  They are compassionate, talented, and committed to doing the very best they can for those we serve.  At Mainstream Living, you'll be working with a diverse group with a variety of backgrounds and experience. We have employees who have worked with our organization for more than 40 years and employees who just started yesterday.  Our employees are nurses, direct support professionals, policy experts, counselors, computer gurus, accounting specialists, property managers, and more. Yet regardless of the position, we are all here to live our mission of enhancing opportunities, creating success, and fulfilling dreams.  

Workplace and Environment

Because Mainstream Living is a large organization, serving people in the community, your workplace and environment may look different depending on the location or the day.  If you are a direct support professional, your duties and tasks are based on the needs and goals of the member or members you support.  Other employees may spend most of their time in the office. The bottom line is that we offer a wide variety of positions that suit a diverse group of employees.  We take pride in collaborating with our staff to find the best possible situation for their own work-life balance and career goals.  


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