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Transition Age Youth Program

The Transition Age Youth (TAY) program was originally designed to be a diversion program for long-term dependence of services.  It has been just over eight years since we began serving our first TAY member.   
TAY provides goal-oriented, individualized support to young adults aged 18 to 25. TAY is structured to provide quality learning and skill building experiences in a transitional living environment that facilitates individual growth and self-sufficiency. Several locations are operated in the Des Moines area, providing staff supervision up to 24 hours per day.  
Areas of skill building can include:

  • Education and employment
  • Mental health management and recovery
  • Social skills
  • Health and wellness, including medication management
  • Home and life management
  • Financial literacy
  • Next Wise Choice  (NWC) - NWC is a treatment approach that includes individual member assessments to determine current status and a six month interval progress review. Based on assessment need, individual goals are established in the member’s Individualized Personal Plan (IPP). The program is broken into three components: PATTERNS, principles and life skills.   Monday - Friday members have the opportunity to learn in both a class setting as well in the community. 


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