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Front Office Staff

This month we’re spotlighting employees who are routinely seen at the front of our offices.  Though they are often referred to as our ‘receptionists’, their scope of work covers much more.  In a typical day the front desk may receive over 200 phone calls.  Sometimes those calls are people inquiring about members or members calling to discuss their personal spending.  The calls are also from staff with various questions, those needing information about employment or references, or calls from the public seeking generic information. 

In addition to taking calls, our front line staff are also typically the first impression of our organization.  It may sound like an easy role to fill, but sometimes people entering our offices want information immediately and don’t feel as though they should wait.  At times, visitors and callers can be vocal and demanding, and the front desk personnel often bear the brunt of this treatment.  Wearing the hats of crisis responder, counselor, organizational expert, and agency spokesperson can be taxing work.  We are fortunate to have such dedicated individuals to keep it all together, and do well in representing the organization to all who walk through our doors.  Check out the profiles of all the wonderful people who serve this important role. 

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