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Quarterly Mission Maker Awards Announced

Congratulations to the following employees who have been selected for Mainstream Living's Quarterly Mission Maker Award. These awards are selected from the previous quarter's monthly award winners.  The Recruitment and Retention Advisory Committee meets to review the nominees and selects the winners based on impact, innovation, leadership and/or significance.  Mission Maker Award winners receive an engraved award and a $75.00 gift card.  Awards are delivered through the employee's supervisor.  Nominating  your peers and direct reports is a great way to show your appreciation.  Submit a nomination today!

Gilbert Sambaleyegula, nominated by Michelle Strutzenburg

Aimee Widdowson, nominated by Jessica Hensch

Nicholas Zubulake, nominated by Jaci May

Selemani Sibomana, nominated by Tracy Moore

Sarah Gummert, nominated by Michelle Strutzenburg

Mary Selin, nominated by Lu Wingfield

Dawn Larson, nominated by Nicholas Zubulake

Randi McGregor, nominated by Dawn Larson

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