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Note of Gratitude

I would like to recognize the entire staff at our Onyx location in Ames for excellence in community inclusion. In the last six months alone, our members have enjoyed bingo at the Ames American Legion, various concerts at Bandshell Park, the Boone Trolley, Boone County Fair, Reiman Gardens, Octagon Center for the Arts, and Blank Park Zoo. The individuals living in the home have also shown an interest in attending plays coming this fall and plans are underway to make that happen.

Staff have worked hard to pay attention to individual interests and ensure that each member is involved with choosing activities they enjoy while providing opportunities for new experiences! This is an area that was challenging to improve for various reasons. This group of staff worked together to overcome those challenges and our members have reaped the benefits. To Christina Wendel, Jessica Elmore, Evelyn Hudson, Tailor Brown, Sawyer Frideres, Merissa Walker, Brandie Bowman, and all other staff that have filled in along the way - thank you for your dedication. We appreciate you! 

- Jessica Anderson, Team Leader


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