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Quarterly Mission Maker Awards

Mainstream Living Mission Makers are selected from the prior quarter's Service Excellence Award winners.  Mission Makers are individuals who demonstrate impact, innovation, and/or leadership.  Congratulations to our latest Mission Maker recipients!

Sarah Kepner and Steve Gehlsen, nominated by Jessica Hensch

When a member unexpectedly came back from Skilled Care right before Christmas and needed daytime staffing, Sarah and Steve each offered assistance, even though they are not direct support employees. Sarah and Steve work in admin at the Center in Ames and offered right away to take a few daytime shifts with this member to provide her with the support and coverage she needed to be safe her first few weeks at home. This was invaluable due to the short time line we were facing to fill the shifts and the fact that there is NO staff at this site during the week days. 

Julie Mace, Roberta Walker, and Wanda Walker, nominated by Jessica Hensch

Due to a car accident that affected staff and memberes, the 24th Street site recently experienced shortages in shift coverage. Julie, Roberta and Wanda were willing to rearrange their personal schedule to ensure the women the site would have what they needed each day of the week in the absence of another staff. They eached picked up shifts in addition ot their regular schedules (both overnights and weekends).  They have and continue to be a valuable asset to memberes and the organization.

Princess Andrews, nominated by Robin Brown

A member living at the Woodland home has auditioned for many plays through the Urbandale Theater Company the Des Moines Play House. This member was recently practicing for an audition through the Des Moines Play House and was required to learn a very difficult dance. Princess researched and learned how to do the dance and then practiced daily with the member.  Princess is a wonderful example of a DSP going above and beyond to ensure the members under her care are successful!

Lu Wingfield, nominated by Mary Selin

Lu has gone out of her way many times for the entire mental health staff team and the members we serve. She has an open door policy and makes you feel very comfortable talking with her regarless of the topic. Lu is very insightful with strategies that are helpful with difficult situations that both staff and members face and makes you feel like you are equals with her and that there is no hierarchy. Lu makes it a point to show all of her staff that they are important and that they matter. If you need it, Lu is your biggest cheerleader to help remind you about your success and help motivate you when you feel your failing.

Prince Duru, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

Recently, we had a member injure their knee while on a home visit. He was ordered for 12 weeks of physical therapy. This meant the member could not work until he was released by his doctor. One staff, Prince, has gone out of his way to make sure the member attends all of his appointments, physical therapy appointments, and picked up four extra shifts to make sure there was coverage at the location.  He is there for half the time the site is open. Prince has taken concern that the member is not being active enough and communicating with his coworkers and supervisors his concerns and ideas regarding the healing process of the member. Thank you for all your hard work to make sure our member heals!



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