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Stories of Impact

Our staff is amazing! During the recent snowy weather, we have had multiple employees from various locations offer to extend their shifts. For example, we have had staff working the evening shift work later so that the overnight staff would not have to travel in bad weather or the overnight staff offer to stay longer in the morning so that daytime staff can wait for roads to be cleared before driving to work. Also, at some locations, individuals have come early and slept at the site so they are available to work their morning shifts. We are honored by this display of dedication to our members.

After more than a year of unemployment, Martez found a job as a janitor working 20 hours a week. He is a hard worker and is very excited about earning an income. He is very proud of this accomplishment.
Brandi was scheduled to have a kidney transplant on March 12th, but, when she saw her nephrologist on February 11th, her kidney functioning and levels had improved significantly. Specifically, her kidney function had increased from 16% to 19% since her last test. After the appointment the doctor planned to contact the transplant team to share this information and then decide if her kidney surgery should be delayed due to her progress. The staff at her site have been working diligently in helping her to learn and adjust to a low potassium diet and she has seen great improvement in her health.

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