Mainstream Living

Stories of Impact

Britt began services with Mainstream Living in 1994 in a 24 hours site. She now receives services through the SCL program at just a few hours per week. This year Britt was asked to be the Global Messenger for the Special Olympics. She has been a Special Olympic athlete for 33 years. In Britt's own words, she is proud of her duties as a Global Messenger and says, "I go around the community and give speeches about inclusion and how awesome Special Olympics is."

Kyrie, who is shy and a bit of a homebody, got a summer job at the Wal Mart greenhouse with only staff encouragement.

Jim and Karla, who have been housemates for years, were shopping at Earl May for flowers and vegetables for a garden at their home. They did not have enough money to get both the flowers and the vegetables, so the staff suggested putting flowers back and just getting the vegetables. They were told that they could come back next week to get the flowers. As they were leaving, an Earl May employee named Angel said informed them that she had purchased their flowers, making their garden project complete!

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