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Tip of the Month - Head to the Fair

The first Iowa State Fair was held in October of 1854 but did not take place in Des Moines until 1879. The first Fair held in Des Moines was on “the west side” between 38th and 42nd streets east to west, and between Center St and Grand Ave north to south. This area was known as Brown’s Park and was entirely unpopulated. In 1884, the city and its citizens raised enough money to buy the acreage where the State Fairgrounds is located today, two miles east of the State Capitol Building. The only years the Fair did not run were during WWII (1942-1945).

This year, the Fair brings us old favorites and new flavors with the theme “Nothing Compares to the Iowa State Fair.” The three ride parks – Thrill Ville, Thrill Town, and Thrill Zone will be open with all the familiar rides. There are several headlining acts on the Grandstand including King and Country, Foreigner, Toby Keith, and Hootie and the Blowfish. 2019 also boasts 57 new food options including apple fritter funnel cake, chicken bacon ranch poutine, fried avocado slices, peach empanadas, and tangled onion pork po-boys to name a few.

Advanced tickets went on sale July 1st at participating Cash Saver, Fareway, Hy-Vee, and Price Chopper stores as well as on the Iowa State Fair website. The 2019 Fair runs August 8th through August 18th. The Iowa State Fair Parade will occur on August 7th at 6 pm downtown.

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