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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Each month, Mainstream Living recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond their typical responsibilities in service to the organization and/or our members.  Congratulations to this month's winners.  If you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their dedication, please submit a nomination at:

Owen Bell, nominated by Tsolo Lebepe

Owen has demonstrated great initiative in making sure that weekends run smoothly when staff we are short on staff.  He has adjusted schedules and activities so that we can continue to adequately meet member needs.  He also organizes the entire weekend and works to communicate effectively with everyone working shifts.  Services have continued without issues thanks to Owen's leadership. 

Prince Duru, Wilson Kabera, Shari Randol, and Tara Ross, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

One of our members had a very serious accident which led to a skull fracture and surgery. This meant we now needed day staff at a location that typically is unoccupied during the day. These four individuals managed to cover the entire month of July within just three days. It was some of the most amazing outpouring of care, collaboration, and integrity I have seen. I had more offers for coverage come in after these four, but they already had it handled. I am so proud of all of them for working so quickly to ensure care could be provided for our member after his accident.


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