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Celebrate Women!

Women’s History Month is celebrated in the month of March.  Many women have played a significant role in American and Iowa history. There are several ways you, your family and even our members can celebrate the contributions of women over the years. Here is a list of possible activities to participate in during Women’s History Month.

  • Shop at a women-owned business, purchase Girl Scout Cookies, or make a donation to a domestic violence shelter.
  • The State Historical Society of Iowa offers a digital education package to teach the history of women’s suffrage in Iowa and the United States. The History Alive digital package includes a variety of educational materials and activities, including live, recorded programs and primary sources only available through the State Historical Society of Iowa. 
  • Take a walk across the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge located in Downtown Des Moines. This bridge links the east and west sides of Des Moines at the northern edge of the Principal Riverwalk loop. .
  • Participate in the Women's History Month Scavenger Hunt at Des Moines Public Library. March 1-5 at the North Side Library, March 7-12 at the Forest Avenue Library, March 16-31 at the Franklin Avenue Library. Search for pictures of famous historical women in the children’s area. Learn about their contributions to history and take home a prize for finding them all!
  • Visit the Plaza of Heroines at Iowa State University, a mosaic of bricks and granite pavers that forms the entryway to Carrie Chapman Catt Hall on Iowa State’s central campus.
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