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Barb McKelvey has worked closely with many hourly individuals for years, teaching independence skills and providing invaluable advice to help members live their best lives.  One of her members experienced two deaths of loved ones in a short time and Barb was there to guide him through the grieving process.  Barb has assisted members in improving every aspect of their lives, from teaching them how to maintain an apartment to learning better spending habits to better understanding how to navigate complex relationships.  She has also had success with providing members the tools and knowledge necessary to lead healthier lifestyles.  

Barb's members benefited greatly from her presence in their lives and it is certain that they will remember her as a friendly face with welcome insight to share whenever there were big decisions to be made. Thank you Barb, for your dedication and compassion.  You are a joy to work with and you'll be emissed by all of us at Mainstream Living. 

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