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The More You Know...

This is a first in a series providing more information on Mainstream Living's community integration programs. 

What has four sides, a front door, and lots of fun inside?  The Center! 

Some of you may be asking what is The Center? Located just a bit further down the cul-de sac from the Ames office, The Center is where many of our Mainstream Living members go during the day. In fact, The Center not only serves members from Mainstream, but we also serve individuals from other Story County organizations such as Friendship Ark, LSI and individuals who do not utilize any home services at all.  

The Center currently serves about 75 members who come anywhere from 1-5 days a week. On a typical day, we have about 40 members get dropped off around 9:00 AM by their families, staff, or local transportation services.  Members are greeted by an amazing group of staff as they exit their vehicles and prepare to start the day. They are then engaged in a variety of activities until 2:45 PM, when they prepare to get picked up. When members come to The Center, they are provided the opportunity to socialize with friends, be active in the community, and try new things.  The Center employs seven regular staff which makes the average staff to member ratio 1:6.  There are three on-site supervisors.  Amber Schaefer who is the Program Director is also available in the building. The purpose of the Center is to provide enrichment activities that assist the members in personal growth, help to build confidence, and make lasting friendships.

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