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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Congratulations to our most recent Service Excellence Award winners!  If you would like to nominate an employee for an award, please click here.  

Courtney Merz, nominated by Emma Schuler

Courtney is one of two full time morning DSP's at the Stonebrooke house. With staff openings being a challenge, Courtney has taken the initiative and lead on a variety of things, including: member medical appointments, contacting the pharmacy and member PCP's to update and organize medication administration records, selecting and assisting in ordering of new reusable bed pads for the members, and much more. Courtney has gone above and beyond to keep the house and member routines running as smoothly as possible as we've been missing the second full-time DSP. Courtney communicates well with the team and does her best to ensure everyone has what they need. We love having Courtney on our team and appreciate all she has done the last few months!

Allison Berstler, nominated by Joe Vaughn

A member at Cheville House was due for surgery and needed to be prepared in order arrive on time. In calling the house, Allison answered and without hesitation, offered to come into work at 4:30AM.  The member was properly bathed for his procedure and he got to the hospital on time. When finished, he was brought home and Allison took the time to show co workers the discharge information and new routine we need to implement. She used her past skills to help teach staff what needed to be done. She also made herself available for anyone who would have questions. She was thanked profusely by her supervisors and other staff and took it all in stride. Everything went smooth thanks to Allison and her flexibility and willingness to show up super early.

Mike Miller, nominated by Betsy Dehaan

Over the last year we upgraded our classroom for our TAY members thanks to a generous donation from Prairie Meadows. Due to COVID and the restrictions on gatherings we haven't had a need to prepare the classroom. As we see restrictions begin to relax we wanted to make sure that the room would be completed. It was no easy task as the basement had also become the secret hiding spot for unwanted items, donations, and unusedfurniture. So, after finally clearly through the majority of the items, it was going to be quite a task to move the old tables and chairs and then assemble the new tables and chairs. Mike (and Taylor) not only removed all of the old furniture, but also arranged the room, and stacked items in storage. The work made a huge difference. 

Blu McFarlane, nominated by Jenni Stephenson

Staff performed a fire drill and a member went to go out of the egress window. The ladder that enables him to get out of the window was broken. After calling Kurt to see about getting after hours assistance, Blu was more than willing to help even though he had just gotten home from work. It was not an emergency but had it not been fixed, the member would have had to sleep upstairs on the couch so staff could ensure his safety. Staff reported the member was thrilled it was fixed so quickly and was able to sleep in his own room that night. We really appreciate Blu going above and beyond to ensure our members happiness and well-being.

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