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Monthly Service Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals for being recognized as this month's Service Excellence Award Winners. Your gift cards will be delivered to your supervisor. Each month, employees are recognized for going "above and beyond" in their service to members. We encourage staff and managers to nominate a fellow staff member here:

Morgan Harwood, nominated by Jessica Hensch - Morgan took it upon herself to start planning the menu at the Story City house. This has been an issue of contention for many months, due to the switching out of staff and the difficulties associated with providing a menu that everyone enjoys while ensuring there are enough ingredients. Without her supervisor asking for assistance, Morgan offered to plan the menu and make the weekly grocery list. Morgan keeps an updated menu and grocery list on the Google Drive, so it is always available to the people who do the shopping, a step she choose to institute.  Since Morgan has taken this responsibility, the Team Lead and Assistant Team Lead haven't had to help out with this task and the men are happy with the meals they are choosing. While this may seem like a small duty she has absorbed, she's done it in a way that satisfies the needs of everyone involved and created a process that allows the task to be completed on time and smoothly each and every week. 

Robin Wahling, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg - Robyn has taken initiative to handle some difficult issues that have arisen at the Glenstone location. She has been the main contact for the pest control issue throughout the past few months, updating the team with news, treatments, needs, and taking care of anything related to the issue. She has done this with a positive attitude to help resolve the problem the best way possible. Also, when a member has had an issue with another individual with disabilities who wants to be his "girlfriend," Robyn has taken the initiative to talk with the individual, arrange calling schedules, and obtain clarification from guardians on the preferred protocol for the member and dating. Robyn collaborates with coworkers and supervisors to resolve problems that are atypical.  She respects the members needs and attends to them with immediacy, she comes up with solutions and shares her ideas, and is an asset to this company.

Maintenance Department (Kurt, Joe, Mike, Blu), nominated by Lu Wingfield - Mainstream sold our three apartment buildings located on the corner of South Union and McKinley Ave in Des Moines on 12/29/17.  The maintenance department worked diligently to remove agency property prior to and the week following the sale.  Both weeks the weather was extremely cold and windy.  Mike, Joe, Blu and Kurt loaded trailers, removed shelving and counters, moved items to storage or to office resale stores, transported trash to dumpsters, collected keys and finalized maintenance needs.  They were pleasant and willing to do what was necessary to efficiently prepare the buildings for final sale.

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