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Community Support Services

Community Support Services (CSS) are provided to adults with a severe or persistent mental illness. These program is designed to support individuals as they live and work in the community. Services address mental health symptoms that negatively affect integration and stability in the community.

Services are designed to support adults who meet one or more of the following:

  • Recent hospitalization or multiple visits to the emergency room
  • One or more major life changes resulting in mental health symptoms
  • Lack of other supportive relationships
  • Support in communication with providers
  • Medication non-compliance
  • Engaging in one or more risky behaviors (life threatening situations)
  • Increase in mental health symptoms or suicidal thoughts
  • Self harm/ suicidal attempts
  • Recent Trauma

Community Support Service will provide support in monitoring mental health symptoms, functioning, and reality orientation. This service will assist in helping members with mental health appointments as needed if alternate transportation is available. Mainstream Livings collaborates with other providers when necessary to ensure good communication and a supportive environment. The CSS program focuses on attending appointments with physicians and other providers, obtaining medications, crisis planning, crisis intervention, and the development of natural supports.  

Levels of Support:

  • Low intensity - 2 - 4 contacts per month (face to face or telephone), with a minimum of one face to face contact per month
  • High intensity services - 5-12 contacts per month with a minimum of four face to face contacts per month


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