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Do You Remember Your First Day?

The first day of any new job can be an exciting and inspirational experience.  Here at Mainstream Living, we strive to show people on day one the importance of their work and the value they have to our agency.  You may have gone through orientation yesterday, or 25 years ago. Either way it is always good to have a refresher on the goals we are trying to accomplish as an agency, and to renew your inspiration for the work you do.

Our first day of training has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and we would like to share with you the current resources given to new employees.  Linked below is a document with all of the information we disseminate in Agency Orientation, as well as well as links to various external resources.  Make sure to check out the links to our website, facebook page, and selected videos regarding information and advocacy for the populations we serve.  Find the inspiration you had when first starting this job all over again!

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