Mainstream Living

Chelsea Fagan

What brought you to Mainstream Living?

I wanted to expand the number of individuals who I can help who have some sort of mental health diagnosis, especially those who struggle with self harm/suicidal tendencies. 

What is your favorite thing about work?  

I enjoy seeing the members I work with show a great amount of progress and knowing I've made an impact to help them in some way to get where they are.

​How do you spend your time outside of work?

I travel every opportunity I get, and spend as much time with my nephews and goddaughters as possible.  I have recently been preparing for the arrival of my son in June. 

What is something employees may not know about you?

I was a singer in my high school's women's Chamber and regular Chamber Choir and I was also enrolled in AP art.

Favorite Color: I don't have a favorite, but like black, white, and grey.

Favorite Food: carne asada tacos

Dream Vacation: traveling to a pink beach in Bermuda or Italy

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