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HCBS - Medically Fragile Program

Mainstream Living's Medically Fragile Program serves 15 people in three locations.  Aspen House is located in Ames and opened in March 2007.  Baker House is located on the east side of Des Moines and opened in December 2010.  The Knapp House is located in the Valley Junction area of West Des Moines and opened in February 2014.  

All of the individuals have intellectual disabilities paired with ongoing illnesses and/or chronic health conditions that require daily monitoring and care.  This care is specific to each person and focuses on the needs and desires of the member and their families.  Persons with such needs receive overall care planning which includes medical consultation (as needed) to achieve optimum health and improved developmental status, and to achieve community integration to the maximum extent possible. The services provided by Mainstream Living are funded through the HCBS-ID waiver.  

The Medically Fragile program is overseen by Trudy Luetters, RN Coordinator.  Each house has an Assistant Team Lead, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the homes.  

Examples of the results desired by stakeholders in the program include: 

  • Development of an efficient and effective network of community support services including access to therapies and medical supports
  • Achievement of personal development in health, wellness and activities of daily living
  • Being able to choose and pursue meaningful activities in the least restrictive environment possible to achieve personal satisfaction in life activities
  • Restored or improved functioning
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Supported transitions between levels of care as needed
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