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Moments of Truth

Regina is now walking in her home after progressing through her physical therapy to where it has been discontinued.  Working with her team leader Erica, and staff, they are using pictures and video to document and to help Regina work on walking.  She is now walking up to four times per day.  She is excited about her progress and we are thrilled to help her work on achieving her goal.

Wade was a hero last week! He and staff member, William Prather, were in the library parking lot when Wade opened the door and started to get out of the van prematurely. William panicked and told Wade he couldn't get out of the van until it came to a complete stop. Wade told him there was a man lying in the parking lot and asserted that they needed to help him. William looked over and saw what appeared to be a man lying on the ground changing his tire. Wade was insistent that the man needed help so William parked and they walked over to check on him. Sure enough, it was an older gentleman who had passed out. William and Wade assisted him with waking up and getting some water, and stayed with him until he felt well enough to walk. 

Paul recently tried out for a part in the upcoming musical, “Guys and Dolls” through the Urbandale Theater. He was offered a role in the upcoming performance! Theater is not new to Paul. With the support of his family and staff, Paul worked diligently last year attending many long practice sessions for several months. Paul then performed in a week’s worth of theater productions, each lasting four hours. Paul believes his acting experiences help him improve his self-confidence and make new friends. He continues to be friends with cast members. We wish him continued success with his latest role.

Amber has worked hard over the past few years on getting up and getting to work on time, as well as being safe in her home and in the community. Due to her efforts and the support of her staff, her team felt comfortable with reducing her staff time to several hours each evening, versus having staff with her both during the overnight hours and in the mornings. The transition to hourly services has been successful.  Her parents are pleased with the change, and Amber has been excited to show her responsibility by getting up and being ready on time when her bus arrives.  She's very proud of her new independence.  We are excited to see what the upcoming year has in store for her.

David attended dayhab programming years ago, but left due to mental health needs. David hesitantly returned this last year.  After a short while, he asked to attend daily. He has been active, and a positive influence to his peers and friends. Recently, David expressed interest in getting a job, and fortunately, a spot became available through our enclave services. David has shared his excitement daily with staff.  He has been working at the enclave for a month and a half and still beams with pride when asked how work is going. David reports that he's happy that he can “work, make money and buy what he wants”.  

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