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Mainstream Living Newsletter: Mainstream Message - June 2017

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Half a century ago, if you were diagnosed with an intellectual disability or a mental illness, you would have two choices: live with a family member for the rest of your life, or go to an institution and live the rest of your life in isolation from the community. Mainstream... Read More on Employee Tip - Levels of Community Integration
The Representative Payee Program at Mainstream Living was developed in 2003 to reduce agency liability through compliance with Social Security rules in the handling of member funds. During the process, three full time positions (Financial Techs) were developed and trained to streamline and regulate how each individual account is handled.... Read More on Representative Payee Services
Regina is now walking in her home after progressing through her physical therapy to where it has been discontinued. Working with her team leader Erica, and staff, they are using pictures and video to document and to help Regina work on walking. She is now walking up to four times... Read More on Moments of Truth

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What brought you to Mainstream Living? I was getting my first tattoo and this woman and man came into the shop. The woman was going to get a tattoo and attempted to make me feel better because I was all anxious and she was so brave. She then introduced me...
What brought you to Mainstream Living? I was a stay at home mom and looking for extra money, saw a job opening and thought I would apply. I have a passion to work with people with disabilities and helping people so thought it would be a good fit. What is...
What brought you to Mainstream Living? I came to Mainstream because of a $400 signing bonus that was coupled with the hourly wage of $3.25 an hour. What is your favorite thing about work? Bringing joy and happiness to all whom I have contact with. ​How do you spend your...
What brought you to Mainstream? I came to Mainstream because my boyfriend (now husband) worked here. That was over 20 years ago. I worked direct care, then as an assistant team leader before becoming rep payee. What is your favorite thing about work? My favorite things about work are my...

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