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Program Spotlight - HCBS

Mainstream Living’s HCBS Programs include our Supported Community Living (SCL) and our Community Housing services.  Across the organization, the programs serve over 170 members in various settings.  Of those, approximately 100 are served in the Des Moines area, while the remaining are served in other communities in Polk and Story Counties. This does not include those members served in the HCBS Medically Fragile Program (more info on that coming soon). Many of the members served live in their own apartments or home and need just a few hours of support each week, while others need 24-hour support and supervision.  Each of the individuals served qualify under the HCBS-ID (Intellectual Disability), HCBS-BI (Brain Injury), and HCBS-HAB (Habilitation) Waivers.  The HCBS Program is overseen by Kris Eastman, VP of Waiver Services. 

Typically we refer to “SCL”  (Supported Community Living) Services as: 
"Addressing the desires, goals, abilities, needs, health and safety of persons living in their own homes or in the home of a parent/guardian. Supported living services are generally long-term in nature, but may change in scope, duration, intensity or location as the needs and preferences of individuals change over time."

When we use the term “Community Housing” we are referring to the same kind of supports.  The difference is that in Community Housing, services are provided in a home managed by Mainstream Living.  Both SCL and Community Housing  provide support in the following areas:

  • Identification of appropriate goals support or treatment services
  • Assistance and referral in meeting basic needs
  • Assistance with housing and living arrangements
  • Crisis intervention
  • Arrangement for personal, environmental, family, and community supports
  • Development of natural support systems
  • Community skills training
  • Personal advocacy development   

The HCBS Program has three Program Coordinators (PC’s), Connie Mordtvedt, Cory Johnson, and Traci Miner, who each oversee four Team Leaders (TL). Under each PC there are currently four  Each Team Leaders is assigned an Assistant Team Leader (ATL) and works with a caseload of 12-16 members.  The TL and ATL directly supervise all the Direct Support Professionals that work to carry out Mainstream’s mission, vision, and values.  Our Direct Support Professionals are as diverse as our members.  Staff range from young adults to retirees, PRN to part-time to full-time.  Some are students and others came looking for a change in career.  

If you would like more information about the programs and positions in HCBS~SCL/Community Housing, please contact Abby Day (, Traci Miner (, Cory Johnson (, or Connie Mortvedt ( 
You may also visit the Mainstream Living Website:

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