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Mainstream Living Newsletter: Mainstream Message - January 2017

If we’re being honest, 2016 has been a challenging year for many, including many of us here at Mainstream Living. Employees and members alike have felt the effects of massive overhauls in the way our services are funded and regulated. The changes came quickly, sometimes with minimal communication by our... Read More on A New Year’s Resolution: Remembering “Why”
There are times that we often act or make a decision before taking the time to think about the potential outcomes of our actions. Sometimes situations require us to make a quick decision before we can have time to think about the potential outcome of our actions. Yet, there is... Read More on PBS - Is it Good Enough for Me?
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Mainstream Living’s HCBS Programs include our Supported Community Living (SCL) and our Community Housing services. Across the organization, the programs serve over 170 members in various settings. Of those, approximately 100 are served in the Des Moines area, while the remaining are served in other communities in Polk and Story... Read More on Program Spotlight - HCBS
In our ongoing efforts to enhance the leadership skills of our supervisory personnel, the Mainstream Emerging Leaders (MEL) Program was developed. The purpose of MEL is to aid in the development of new leaders within Mainstream Living. During the six month program, participants receive education to hone skills for effective... Read More on Mainstream Emerging Leaders Program
What brought you to Mainstream? After surviving a heart attack, I was ready to get back in the field. I worked in the industry for 20 years and was born to do this work. I have now been with Mainstream Living for two years working with members in Supported Community...
What brought you to Mainstream? I had always had a passion for caring for people. I had a friend that worked for Mainstream and he suggested that it might be the right fit for me, and he was right. I've been with Mainstream now for over 13 years. I work...



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