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Monthly Service Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals for being recognized as this month's Service Excellence Award Winners. Your gift cards will be delivered to your supervisor. Each month, employees are recognized for going "above and beyond" in their service to members.  We encourage all staff and managers to nominate a fellow staff member here.

Nicholas Zubulake, Nominated by Jaci May

Nick has provided extra support for a member while he has had increased medical concerns. Nick stayed four hours with a member to ensure that he was safe, advocating at the members appointment, and giving support while going through a procedure. The member was very anxious and worried. Nick helped him combat his anxiety by providing the member with extra support the week of his procedure by directing positive self-talk/conversations.

Aimee Widdowson, Nominated by Jessica Hensch

Aimee recently worked at a site to help with a staffing difficulty. One of the members with whom she worked was displaying many difficult behaviors which were upsetting to the other roommates and a challenge for other staff to manage. Aimee took it upon herself, after getting to know the member, to investigate what was happening. Through her attention to the member's personal cares, Aimee discovered that the member had a medical issue that required intervention.The member had been experiencing pain for a long period of time, and Aimee's attention to the member's needs allowed a resolution to the behaviors.

Robbie Venenga, Nominated by Jaci May

Robbie has been very collaborative with her team and innovative in using other resources such as Section 8 to help a member stay in his home. She has spent extra time tracking down people and paperwork along with phone calls with the Section 8 administrators to make sure that the member has stable housing.

Renee Hynes, Nominated by Angela Beane

Renee helped with a seamless transition during maternity leave for our payee. Renee has stellar communication skills, is quick to respond to all requests for information and does a fantastic job managing all her responsibilities. I really enjoy working with Renee as I feel she is an excellent example of an employee that carries out our mission at Mainstream Living.

Tsolo LeBepe, Nominated by Betsy DeHaan

Tsolo has been instrumental in our TAY program. He understands the challenges in building rapport with members and tailors his approach with each member he interacts with. He finds unique ways to motivate the members and they have a great response to his approaches. He is a great role model for his co-workers and demonstrates strong leadership skills.

Ramon Brown-McCarrell, Nominated by Betsy DeHaan

The TAY program had several hurdles in finding a successful way to track and document our day-habilitation program. Ramon began generating a detailed summary of the material covered during each habilitation session, so all staff had an accurate report. This has been very beneficial for staff and has increased efficiency. Ramon will always do what he can for the members. He often opts to do tasks that others may avoid. He does this with a smile and great outlook.

Angela Beane, Nominated by Betsy DeHaan

Whenever Angela sees a need, she finds a way to make sure that it is met. Even if it is outside her job description, Angela will do what is necessary to support members. Angela helps her co-workers and takes the initiative to provide support to everyone she serves. Angela continues to demonstrate excellent leadership and truly lives the Mainstream mission, vision, and values in everything she does.

Joe Fry, Nominated by Bill Vaughn

Joe Fry has been a commendable worker for years, meeting the maintenance needs of our members at the apartments in Des Moines. Over the past several months he has worked very diligently to prepare the apartments for sale, worked with residents to meet their ever-pressing needs, and help members move, given tours, etc. In all interactions Joe Fry has been a model for respect toward the people we serve. He delivers high quality and detailed work, but doesn't ever forget to take time to talk with the person he is helping. 

Benjamin Weiss, Nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

Benjamin has been extremely helpful over the past few weeks. Due to staffing issues, Ben has filled in at our houses, often with very little or no notice. He has helped cover appointments for me when I had a recent loss. He has also been helping around the office assisting me with tasks I can’t do due to injury. Ben always maintains a positive attitude and is ready to laugh all while making sure everything gets done.

Selemani Sibomana, Nominated by Tracy Moore

Selemani has been working with a member that has been struggling to make good choices over the last month. There was a crisis situation over the weekend of March 2nd. Because of the people the member chose to be around, it created a hostile environment and the police were almost called. Selemani was able to defuse the situation and keep them member safe without involving law enforcement.


Other nominees this month included; Shelby Spieker (nominated by Jenni Stephenson), Hayley Allsup (nominated by Jaci May), Emily Noland (nominated by Jaci May), Jessica Royce, (nominated by Jenni Stephenson), Sarah Cornelis (nominated by Tia Hemesath), Jonnie Hill (nominated By Angela Schoebel), and Gina Shelley (nominated by Jenni Stephenson), 

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