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Tip of the Month

Any time you are working in an entry level position (such as Direct Support Professional) in a company, it can feel daunting approaching your supervisor with new ideas or better ways of doing things.  It may feel like they are the expert and authority, and you are telling them how to do their job. However, many of the best ideas at Mainstream Living have come from Direct Support Professionals.

Working in a direct service role, you spend a great deal of time with the people we serve, and usually, much more time than your supervisor. For this reason, you know the ins and out of the members' personalities, and what they need and want from staff. You know of their interests or dreams, but may not always speak up about due to lack of self-confidence.  With all the time you spend with them, you also have a pretty good idea the type of approach that will most likely help them achieve their goals or dreams.

If you think of a way to improve service for a member, an activity or event they would like, or a lifestyle change you think would help them achieve their goals, make sure to tell your supervisor and your team.  As a person who knows them well, your supervisor is counting on you to give them the information to effect positive changes in their lives.

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