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Employee Spotlight - Rick Sharpe

What brought you to Mainstream?
I had two close friends and an acquaintance that worked at Mainstream Living.  One of them encouraged me to apply for a House Manager position that was available.

What is your favorite thing about work?
The Mainstream Living corporate culture has always been the favorite aspect of my work.  It is the people I work with that make the job enjoyable.
How do you spend your time outside of work?
Much of my time is spent raising my two eight year old grandsons.  When my daughter is home and I am "off duty", I enjoy playing computer games, often with my grandsons.
What is something employees may not know about you?
The people that I have worked with over the years know more about me than anyone else in my life, so this a hard question to answer.
Favorite color :  Lime green.  Although I still have a passion for purple.

Favorite Food:  Indian Food, Thai Food and Middle Eastern that order.

Dream Vacation: Staying at Home.  Almost everything I love and am interested in is close to home.

Favorite song or music: I could write a 1500 word essay on this question.  Music has been a big part of my life since childhood.  Over the years I have had several favorites including folk music - Joni Mitchell, jazz - Charles Mingus, and classical -  François Couperin.

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