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Employee Spotlight - Kevin Smith

What brought you to Mainstream?

I worked for Mainstream after college because I was interested in Mental Health issues. I then left Iowa and three years later returned. I came back to Mainstream because I’d had a good experience the first time.

What is your favorite thing about work?

I’ve always liked the culture here at Mainstream and it’s what brought me back. Mainstream also does important work helping people; which I believe is the foundation of that culture, and gives all our jobs a higher purpose. 

How do I spend my time outside of work?

I spend time with my family and entertaining my eight year old son. I also play a lot of board games with friends and enjoy reading nonfiction. 

What is something employees may not know about you?

Technology was a hobby not a career path at first. Though I took computer science classes in college, I ended up with degrees are in Religious Studies and Fine Arts. 

Favorite color: Red with Fuchsia a close second.

Favorite Food: Indian cuisine, and particularly palak paneer.

Dream Vacation: I’d like to visit the historical sites in Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy. I’d also like to go to Iceland and soak in the hot springs with its ice covered mountain views under the northern lights. It’s hard to choose between the two.

Favorite song or music: My favorite music is Folk or anything with Folk influence; excluding most Country, and I like most 60’s and 70’s music. David Bowie is at the top list with my favorite songs being: The Man Who Sold the World, Life on Mars, Space Oddity and Lazarus. 

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