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Stories of Impact

Dan purchased a new recliner and tablet. Sometimes it is the little things…..

Ron moved in with us three years ago without much in the way of personal identification – no insurance cards, birth certificate, social security card, etc. His guardian helped as much as possible, but wasn’t even sure where he was born. He needed his birth certificate in order to get a valid ID and other paperwork. Renee, supervisor in our rep payee department, was able to help us by finding some websites and conducting an on-line search. Finally, we were able to get a copy of his birth certificate and we took him to get a new state issued ID. It took a long time and the wait at the DOT was a couple of hours, but he is so proud to finally have his "face on a card"! 

Brandi moved into Villa Vista this spring with requirements for a low potassium diet and the need for a kidney transplant. The staff were provided training on Brandi's diet and began working with her parents to better understand her needs in regard to her nutrition. One of our long-term employees found a program called Mom's Meals that is approved for funding under the HCBS waiver programs. Mom’s Meals will provide low potassium meals and we are currently waiting to hear if authorization is approved for this by her MCO. Another staff created a picture food chart to help Brandi learn which foods she is able to eat and also which foods she should avoid. We have shared these picture charts with both her parents and her day program. Finally, staff have done an amazing job of completing all required paperwork and medical appointments and Brandi is now on the kidney transplant waiting list.

Jack moved into the Crestview site in June from another provider. He suffered a brain injury five years ago and is hopeful to move from daily to hourly services in 6 to 12 months. One of his first goals is improve his skills in budgeting and handling his finances. At his annual staffing, Jack set a goal to control his money and eliminate the need to have a representative payee. His brother, who currently acts as his payee, agreed and assisted Jack with setting up his own bank account. He also helped him set up direct deposit for his weekly paychecks. Jack is learning to write checks to pay his household bills and balance his ledger. After paying his first three bills, Jack stated, "Well, that was sure easier than I thought it would be!"


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