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Program Spotlight - Day Habilitation Services

Day Habilitation, or ‘dayhab’ for short, is a voluntary program offered to members who are interested in participating in community integrated opportunities. Members arrive each day and are provided with a choice in activities. This may range from going to the park to meditate or do yoga, arts and crafts, exploring local attractions, attending cultural events, gardening, going for walks or volunteering with a number of groups in Ames such as Food at First or Meals on Wheels. The purpose of the dayhab program is for members to participate in community integrated activities, increase independence, promote development of personal skills, enhance self-awareness, and foster socialization and positive relationships with others. 

The Center employs nine Activity Coordinators who provide direct care and support to more than 80 members who attend one of our dayhab programs each week. Activity Coordinators ensure all members are accessing the community and are able to participate in the activities they are interested in exploring. Flexibility is key in this position as member’s needs, a change in weather or a vehicle needing to be serviced can change plans quickly. 

If you are interested in learning more about our dayhab program or would be interested in training as a substitute, please contact Team Leader Sarah Kepner ( or Amber Schaefer ( 

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