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Stories of Impact

Amber participated in Project Search last year.  Her team wasn’t sure how it would go, as she was often absent from dayhab because she didn’t feel like going.  However, she attended Project Search regularly and really committed to the program. As a result of attending and completing the Project Search program, she was able to obtain a position working for one of the nursing homes in Ames. After a few months of performing really well at work, Project Search approached Amber and asked her to be an intern coordinator/mentor for the new recruits. Amber is now working each day at Iowa State with the new interns and is truly enjoying her position. She is on a two-month trial period and works almost full time. She tells her staff and Team Lead that she's confident she'll be asked to keep her position with them going forward. 

A couple of months ago, Jessica had a staff introduce her to exercise at the city gym.  She is loving it and doesn't miss a day. That staff has since left, but Jessica and new staff have picked up the routine. Jessica has lost weight and is making healthy choices. She really enjoys the NuStep machine and lifting weights. She is walking laps at the gym and then going downtown or to the mall for more walking. She is working on her stability with a bosu ball and using another exercise ball for core and abdominal strength. She is also drinking more tea instead of pop and is doing well with portion control when dining out - either taking home or leaving what she doesn't eat. 

A long-time member of Mainstream Living's residential and day services, Rob expressed interest in joining the ACE program. Within the past few months, he started attending ACE rather than dayhab and is enjoying the experience. Recently, Rob signed up to do some journal writing at the park, but then shared with staff that he could not read or write and would like to learn how. Staff made a quick stop at a local store to pick up some instructional books. Rob and staff worked on the alphabet and reciting and tracing letters for the afternoon. Rob shared with staff that he enjoyed the activity and thanked her for helping him. Staff plan to continue working on these skills with Rob in the future. 

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