Mainstream Living

Our Front Office Staff

Our front office staff take care of all the little things that keep our organization running efficiently. From answering phones to greeting people to ordering supplies, Jenna in the Ames office and Julie in Des Moines offer a friendly face to employees and visitors.  

Each day, Jenna and Julie are busy multi-tasking. Oftentimes, the position requires tackling several things at once or handling challenging visitors. Other times, their patience is put to the test with lengthy phone calls or talkative guests. But at the end of the day, each of our front desk employees focus on the joys of connecting with those we serve.  When asked what she sees as her role Jenna says, “as the first and last person someone sees when they leave the Ames office, I think giving a smile, a friendly hello/goodbye, and creating a good image is the most important role I fill.”  Julie notes that "seeing and helping staff and members is never boring." 

They may wear a lot of hats, but Julie and Jenna handle anything that comes their way and they are a great asset to our organization.  Stop and say hi next time you're in the office.  

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