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Halloween Safety

There are dozens of websites touting safety tips for children but not so many with considerations for adults. For our field, considering safety when it comes to adults is important. So this October’s tip of the month will focus some helpful safety tips for adults on Halloween.

Plan your route ahead of time.
Know which route you are taking to ensure you stay on safe, well lit, and familiar roads to avoid getting lost or ending up on a dark dead-end road. This will help prevent you and your friends, family, or members from becoming a target. You will want to always use sidewalks or established paths.

Bring a high power flash light and wear well-fitting costumes, masks, and shoes.
This helps you be easily seen by cars, strangers, and your friends, family, or members. It also helps with identifying cracks in the sidewalk, tripping hazards, puddles, and other issues. You can also shine the light on anything that appears suspicious to determine what it is. Well- fitting masks ensure the best field of vision. Well-fitting clothes and shoes prevent falls. Several sites suggest putting reflective tape on costumes to ensure visibility to others.

Don’t trick or treat after 9:30 pm (or the designated time of the community)
Typically, as the evening gets later, the more mischief there is. Make sure to carry a cell phone and have a list of all the pertinent information should the be an accident or authority involvement.

Be careful with candles and carving knives.
Be cautious with carving knives when creating jack-o’-lanterns. Take your time and use a sharp knife. When lighting jack-o’-lanterns, consider using glow sticks or battery-operated candles to help prevent fire risks.


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