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Are You Preparing for Retirement?

If you’ve been employed at Mainstream Living for one year, and you’ve been contributing to your 403B or Roth IRA. As of September 1, your contribution started to double!  Anything you put in up to 1% of your gross income, Mainstream will match! Don't miss out on free money!

National Retirement Security Week is October 21-27, 2018. Challenge yourself to take at least one action step toward securing your retirement during this week. Some tips to get on track:

  • Make the most out of your paycheck: save money each month, even if it’s not much.
  • Save more as you make more!
  • Resist the temptation to borrow from your retirement account.
  • Ready for retirement? Don’t stop saving! Check into Social Security options as well, and max out your income/savings potential.
  • Retirement planning can be overwhelming; reach out to a financial planner to understand your options.
  • Schedule check-ups with your financial professional to re-evaluate and make adjustments if necessary.

If you are NOT currently contributing and would like to get started, contact Robb Crosby at 515-243-3212 or 

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