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Believe It, Achieve It Empowerment Award Billy Kearney - Multiple members this year have left the enclave program as they have gained community employment. This is an extraordinary accomplishment for the members and something the enclave supervisors and the member's team are very proud of! Many members at the enclaves... Read More on Congratulations!
Next Tuesday (Nov. 6) is Election Day! As you head to the polls, you will have the option to vote for local offices (county supervisor, treasurer, etc.), state offices (Governor, Secretary of State, etc.) and federal congressional seats. If you are interested in researching candidates or issues, visit Upon...
Mainstream Living is a member of the Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) Network. Each month, training topics are provided to assist staff in better serving our members. Read More on PBS Training Topic - Supporting Individuals with Depressive Disorders
Working in the HR Department, I had the pleasure of interviewing Cory Johnson for the Program Coordinator position. After the interview, I was thinking – who is this guy, and is it too good to be true? It was one of those interviews where someone nails it and you just... Read More on Remembering...
The Advocacy, Connections, Empowerment (ACE) Program at the Center provides opportunities to members to be active in the community while leading independent lives. The program is member-driven, with participants overseeing the daily structure, planning activities, maintaining budgets, and making contacts within the community for presentations, tours and volunteer opportunities. Members... Read More on ACE attends Make Your Mark Conference
All employees now have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). How can the Employee Assistance Program support you? Emotional well-being Healthy lifestyles Family and relationships Legal and financial issues Work/life transitions Our EAP provides unlimited access to licensed, Master's level counselors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.... Read More on Employee Assistance Program
What brought you to Mainstream? I was working at a daycare at the time and needed a new job. My friend who worked at MSL told me I should apply and 17 yrs later I'm still loving it. What is your favorite thing about work? I love the members and...

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