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Monthly Service Excellence Award

Each month, Service Excellence Awards are given to employees who have gone "above and beyond" in serving the organization and/or our members.  If you would like to nominate someone for an award, please visit:  Congratulations to this month's winner!

Bridget Kearney, nominated by Renee Ring

At the end of July and into August, Bridget planned for a vacation that included a significant amount of days away from the office. Bridget completed ]all of her work duties needed for the members in our payee program ahead of time. Her time off also included the period of the 1st and 3rd when Social Security benefits are paid into each members payee account. This time period involves a lot of extra work on a monthly basis when nearly every member receives funds for food and personal expenses that specific week. Bridget showed great integrity and accountability in making sure everything was taken care of.  She created extra organizational tools for the front desk, and in the end no member was left without. She was relentless in making sure no stone was left unturned before she left on vacation.

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