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Congratulations Graduates!

In our ongoing efforts to enhance the leadership skills of supervisory personnel, Mainstream Living has continued to offer Mainstream Emerging Leaders (MEL), a professional development program for qualified staff. We wrapped up the fifth year of the program in October and had five graduates. 
The purpose of the MEL program is to identify potential leaders within the company and provide tools and resources which aid in developing additional skills.  During the six month program, participants receive education which assists participants in effective communication and efficient navigation through the continual changes experienced in their positions.  In addition to classroom instruction, participants are paired with a mentor for guidance and support. Each participant is tasked with creating a goal which would positively impact Mainstream Living. 
Goals from MEL graduates this year include: 

  • Establish Workplace as an improved way to communicate and provide information to the entire agency faster and in a more engaging manner.
  • Utilize Google Meet as a way for employees to attend meetings remotely to increase attendance and reduce expense and travel.
  • Empower staff with knowledge, skills, and confidence by providing Mainstream Living specific CPI-inspired training that will allow DSPs to effectively handle crisis situations and behaviors with our members.
  • Offer a structured paid internship model (applied just for HCBS DSP-focused internships in Ames to start). With this model, each intern candidate would be given specific tasks, strategically paired with a Mainstream mentor, and provided an outline for completion of the internship.
  • Create a focused new hire experience for each new employee by providing guidance and follow-up from the time of Agency Orientation through his/her first shift and beyond.

2019 MEL Graduates: 
Jess Lundquist - Support Services
Stephanie Livingston - Support Services
Tracy Moore - HCBS
Megan Smith - HCBS
Joe Vaughn - HCBS

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