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Tip of the Month

Now that Spring is officially here, we can see green growing all around us. There are many benefits in bringing plant life into your personal space. Gardening plants, flowers or fruit and vegetables offers added health benefits. Studies show that gardening significantly reduces the hormone Cortisol, which is associated with stress levels, higher blood pressure, and risk of heart disease. Gardening also exposes a person to sunlight, which increases levels of Vitamin D. Researchers have found that gardening 15 minutes twice a day could reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in those over 60 years old. There is a growing field of study called “horticultural therapy” in which gardening is used to reduce intensity of depression and other mental illness.
Not everyone has the outdoor space available to garden, but indoor plants also provide benefits. They help to purify the air through increased oxygen levels and reduced air pollutants and dust. Plants increase humidity which can help soothe dry skin, reduce frequency of common colds, and prevent respiratory disease. Many studies have shown that indoor plants sharpen a person’s focus, accelerate the healing process, and generally improve happiness. This spring, consider trying out your green thumb and appreciate the additional benefits in improving your health. 

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