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Stories of Impact

Dustin and Bre, housemates and friends, arranged an evening out to a nightclub in Des Moines. Efforts involved scheduling an accessible vehicle, making sure medication times didn’t interfere with the evening’s plan and getting ready for the night out. Day staff helped by completing showers early, painting nails and styling hair.  Two staff from Center were helpful by getting Bre and Dustin to Des Moines and back safely. They also ensured that they were able to enjoy their drinks and the show, and that their varying needs were met throughout the evening. Bre and Dustin are looking forward to their next night out on the town!

Caleb has attended the dayhab and Ace program for several years. Throughout this time, he has struggled with talking to others and adjusting to change. Recently, he started working at the Hach enclave, and has opened up a great deal, even becoming friends with a co-worker. Caleb has worked to develop friendships and recently shared with another member, who was stressed about starting at the enclaves, just how much he liked the enclaves and what she could expect once she started working there. He was very reassuring her to her and by the end of the conversation, she thanked him and said she felt better. Caleb beamed with pride and later said he was glad he could help someone out.

Christy broke her foot on January 25th and was in the hospital for 10 days. Due to the seizure medications she has taken for years, her bones are very brittle. Her doctor felt her bones would not be able to handle the hardware used to repair broken bones and ended up manipulating the bones back into place and then wrapped her foot for healing. Christy was transferred to a skilled care unit for rehabilitation until she could return home. Upon returning home, she received in-home physical therapy.  After this, her team wanted her to return to her normal routine of attending day services, but Christy’s mother was concerned that she would re-injure herself. The staff sent nightly emails to her mom letting her know how she was doing with walking and reassuring her about how well she was healing. After taking Christy home for a weekend visit, her mom sent the following email:

“I want to thank all of you for your email reports and assisting Christy with her exercises.  I finally feel more comfortable with her at home and going back to day services.  The weekend before we had the best over-night we've had in a few years.  This weekend we tried church and it went well. Thanks again for being great staff and caring!”

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