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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Each month, Service Excellence Awards are given to employees who go above and beyond their normal responsibilities in providing support to our members.  If you know someone who deserves to be recognized, please click here to submit a nomination.  Congratulations to this month's award winners.  

Nermina Ramic, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

Nermina works at two houses in Ankeny that are often short staffed. She has gone out of her way to come in early, stay late, and pick up shifts in order to ensure the members are covered. Nermina also is very knowledgeable about the members she works with. She trains new staff and is a very effective trainer. She often works alone due to her experience and knowledge, despite these both being double staffed houses. She is a very valuable member of the Mainstream team and reflects Mainstream's values of collaboration, integrity and respect.

Gay Dunahoo, nominated by Sara Sampson

I have selected Gay, because when I first came to work with her, she was my go-to person. I have had the honor of working with an amazing team that would not be successful if it were not for Gay.  She has taught me so much and is always on hand to guide staff in the right direction. I could say that she is a mascot for Mainstream Living. She is what every staff person should want to strive to become. She has the biggest heart, ears, and talent that needs to be recognized. Thanks Gay for EVERYTHING you stand for and following what Mainstream Living believes in.

Also nominated were Sara Sampson and Shelby Parmenter

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