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Our quarterly Mission Maker awards are selected from those who were previously chosen for for a monthly Service Excellence award.  If you would like to nominate someone for an award, please click here. Congratulations to our Mission Makers for the past quarter!  

Bridget Kearney - Bridget went above and beyond in preparing for a planned vacation that would keep her away from the office for a significant number of business days.  Her proactive steps and extra organization ensured that members and staff were taken care of in her absense.  

Christina Wendel - Christina spent a great deal of time creating a meal plan and prepping meals for members with specific dietary needs.  As a result of her efforts, members have reached impressive weight goals and are more active in the community. 

Kevin Smith - Kevin's diligence in shifting from Windows Computers to Chromebooks has resulted in savings of over $30,000, all while increasing the number of computers in the company. Not only have we seen significant cost savings, but Chromebooks have been easier for staff use and require less maintence.  

Dean Erickson - Dean spent a great deal of time scheduling psychological evaluations for many of the members in the Ames area.  This involved significant coordination and communication among stakeholders and was an incredible help to our members and staff. 

Kayla Woodhall - Kayla's attention to detail and compassion for members was on display when she recognized a potential medical emergency.  Her quick action, on-going communication, and relationship with the member is a great example of going above and beyond in service to our members.  

Nikki Hill - Nikki's dedication to members is shown in the way that she works to find solutions such as helping a particularly challenging member find housing.  She relationships have resulted in getting members the help and care necessary for them to live more independently.

Robyn Wahling - Robyn helped a member throw a very successful and fun New Year's Eve party for her peers.  Based on the success, it sounds like this will be a regular event! 

Tracy Moore - Tracy completed some last minute Christmas shopping for a guardian who had been in the hospital.  The trust she has built with members and their families is impressive and she is always willing to step up, even when she has to rearrange her own schedule. 

Blu McFarlane - Blu took time out of his normal work schedule to give extra attention to the sidewalks at Fremont.  He is consistently reliable and makes it a priority to keep our members and staff safe.   

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