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Monthly Service Excellence Award Winners

Each month,  Service Excellence Awards are provided to employees who go "above and beyond" their normal job duties to serve the organization and our members.  We encourage all staff to consider nominating a fellow employee using our simple online form found here:  Congratulations to this month's nominees and award winners!

Sarah Kepner and Steve Gehlsen, nominated by Jessica Hensch

When a member unexpectedly came back from Skilled Care at a nursing facility right before Christmas and needed daytime staffing, Sarah offered her assistance, even though she is not a direct support employee. Sarah and Steve each work in leadership positions at the Center in Ames and stepped up to take a few daytime shifts with this member to provide her with the support and coverage she needed to be safe her first few weeks at home. This was invaluable due to the short-time line we were facing to fill the shifts and the fact that there is NO staff at this site during the week days. Sarah took her regular work with her to the site and did double-duty as a DSP and as an admin TL. 

Julie Mace, Robert Walker-Kruger, and Wanda Walker, nominated by Jessica Hensch

Because of a recent car accident with a fellow staff member and a couple of our members, we have been fairly short-staffed at the 24th Street site. It happened all at once and the other staff that worked there pulled together right away to ensure everything was covered. Julie is one of these staff. She's been willing to rearrange her personal schedule to ensure the women at the 24th Street house have what they need each day of the week in the absence of another staff who did a lot of extra work. Julie already works two 18-hour shifts in a row on the weekends. Since late October when the accident happened, she's been more than willing to pick up shifts (both overnights AND weekends) and does a great job when she is at the shifts. 

Princess Andrews, nominated by Robin Brown

A member living at the Woodland home has auditioned for many plays through Urbandale Theater Co and the Des Moines Playhouse. This member is currently practicing for an audition through the Playhouse and is required to learn a very difficult dance. Princess researched the dance on her own time and learned how to do this dance. She then practiced daily with the member, who learned the dance well! Apparently this dance is a two person dance such as the Tango and is a very difficult dance to learn. Princess is a wonderful example of a DSP going above and beyond to ensure the members under her care are successful!

Nicole Klink, nominated by Robin Brown

Nicole has done an excellent job of taking the lead role of the team at the Crestview home. She consistently ensures all medical appointments are scheduled and the required paperwork submitted. Nicole provides support to her team so that they can be successful, while meeting the expectations of the members.  She excels in her communication to both the supervisors and her team and she consistently reaches out to her supervisor to problem solve when needed. Nicole is a great example of a DSP who lives the Mainstream mission statement!

Also nominated were Robbie Venenga, Nicholas Zubulake, Fantaye Keshebo, Nathan Harrin, and Lu Wingfield



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