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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Arina Luu, nominated by Brenda Bacon

Arina started at the Residential Care Facility for Persons with Mental Illness (RCF-PMI) in December 2018 as a DSP. She took it upon herself to go through the Medication Aide class through DMACC's Continuing Education Program. She also went through the Prepare To Care program and received her certificate.  

Angie Beane, nominated by Betsy Dehaan

Angie went above and beyond with a recent move-in to make sure that everything went smoothly. This young man came from Youth Homes and has a difficult time with transition. We received a call this morning from the grandmother and she was beyond pleased with how his move-in went. She talked about how fantastic Angie was and that everything was just perfect for her grandson. Angie has worked very hard to streamline these move-ins and our QA department has been amazing to work with as they have made the paperwork all electronic. 

Robin Brown, nominated by Amber Corrieri

Telling the Mainstream Living story is critical in our fundraising and marketing efforts. I admit that I often hound TLs and PCs in identifying examples of member success stories and exceptional staff. These are then used in newsletters, social media, letters to donors, grants, and more. Robin never hestiates to take time out of her day to provide me with examples of our mission and vision in action. With all of the things on the plate of our Team Leads, I appreciate her sharing these stories, sending pictures, and responding to my sometimes endless emails. It simply would not be possible for me to do the work that I do without those like Robin recognizing the importance of how telling our story leads to results in donations/grants, volunteers, branding, and partnerships. 

Refika Memic, nominated by Michelle Strutzenburg

Refika is currently working with two members who are having some struggles with behaviors of unknown origination. The two members have aggression, self injurious behaviors, and new patterns not seen before. Refika takes the time to analyze each behavior and tries to determine what could be the cause of it. She is very patient, caring, and attentive to members going through a difficult time. On more than one occasion, while Refika and I were brainstorming ideas that could help the members feel better or could be an underlying cause, she dropped what she was doing to see if our idea would work. This shows an amazing level of dedication to our members and a strong desire to help them feel their best during difficult phases. 

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