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Stories of Impact

Justin moved into his own apartment in early November. He and his staff are organizing his apartment, working on a cleaning schedule and doing some cooking together. Justin is also learning how to use Cy-Ride, shopping at Walmart on his own, and attending medical appointments independently. Justin also remains close to his parents and is able to walk to their home when he wants to visit.

When Melissa moved into one of our 24-hour sites, she needed to have seven teeth pulled and then received a partial denture. Unfortunately, not being used to her new partial, she accidentally threw it away on the first day she had it. The staff and her dentist advocated and worked diligently on obtaining an exception from her insurance to pay for a new set. It took them three attempts and lots of follow up calls to get the exception granted. After seeing her smile, it was well worth the extra effort. 

During the early days of our consolidations, one of our parents found and purchased a home to accommodate several individuals and the house on Wheeler in Ames was opened. One of the individuals who moved into this home was Ashley. During a recent conversation with Ashley’s mom, she mentioned how great the Wheeler house was working out and that they are very pleased that Ashley is so happy. Prior to moving into Wheeler Ashley experienced anxiety at her other apartments and was seeing her psychiatrist monthly for medication adjustments. She is now more comfortable in her home environment and only visits with her psychiatrist twice each year. She is more likely to advocate for her needs and wants, and is better able to communicate with staff.  She is also gaining more independence by familiarizing herself with her neighborhood. This summer and fall, she rode her bike to run errands and go out to eat. Additionally, over the summer months she participated in cycling with Special Olympics and quickly learned how to bike to and from practice.

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