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Program Spotlight - Medically Fragile

Mainstream Living's Medically Fragile Program is comprised of three, five-bedroom home.  The program includes Aspen House in Ames, opened March 2007,  Baker House, in Des Moines, opened December 2010 and Knapp House, located in West Des Moines, opened February 2014.  

Medically Fragile, a program designation from CARF, focuses on serving people with an intellectual disability paired with ongoing illnesses and/or chronic health condition that requires daily monitoring and care.  Each of our members have diagnoses like cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome, seizure disorder, hydrocephaly, seizure disorder, corrected heart defects, and vision impairments--which lead to a need for a high level of personal care.  Some of the care needs within our Medically Fragile program include assistance with all daily cares like feeding, medication administration, bathing, physical therapy, community integration, medical appointments, positioning and transferring as well as empowering members to be independent to the fullest extent possible.  Our dedicated and compassionate direct support and medical staff provide amazing care to these 15 individuals every day giving them the highest quality of life!

The day to day operations of these houses is overseen by Deva Sinklier-Roby in Des Moines and Andrea Greufe in Ames.  The Medically Fragile program is overseen by Trudy Luetters, RN Program Coordinator.  

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