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Workstudy Programs

In the last two years, Mainstream has received $29,378.30 in Work Study funds for eligible Iowa State students who worked at Mainstream Living.  If you are currently a student at Iowa State University and are receiving financial aid, the Federal Work-Study program allows students to hold part-time jobs while in school without jeopardizing the amount of money they receive through their student aid applications (FAFSA).  Using this program may provide a good opportunity to earn extra income while still receiving the same financial aid benefits.
How does it work?
Iowa State can contract with non-profit organizations like Mainstream Living to help students earn money and gain experience in relevant fields.  Currently, Mainstream Living partners with Iowa State University.  Through this partnership, Iowa State may cover up to 75% of an eligible employee’s wages, and this income will not count against the employee when completing their FAFSA.
How will it benefit me? 
Oftentimes, having a job while going to school can limit the amount of financial aid and loans available.  Work-Study ensures that the eligible income does not count, so that you are able to receive and borrow as much as if you did not have a job.

How does it benefit Mainstream Living?
If you sign up for a Work-Study program, the school may cover up to 75% of your eligible wages.  You will be paid the same amount, but Mainstream can utilize the work study funds they receive from Iowa State to offset other costs that ultimately benefit the entire organization.

How do I sign up?
To sign up for work study, you will need to contact Human Resources who will work with Iowa State to make the process as simple for you as possible.  

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