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World Autism Day

April 2nd is the twelfth annual World Autism Awareness Day. There are many ways Autism Awareness is celebrated on this day, throughout the month, and year-round. World Autism Awareness Day usually has Presidential and Congressional declarations and there are a variety of online events people can participate in locally or nationally. 

Autism Speaks has a yearly campaign for Autism Awareness Day of “Light It Up Blue.” The campaign encourages people to wear blue, businesses to use blue lights, and use the hashtag #LIUB. Since 1999, the Autism Society has used a puzzle patterned ribbon to show support and create awareness for ASD. They offer a variety of merchandise, apparel, ribbons, and magnets with the design for purchase on their website.

This year, Mainstream Living will be participating Autism Speaks fundraising walk at Principal Park Stadium. The walk takes place on April 27th at 10 am with a 9 am registration. Below is a link to join us and help support those with Autism. Hope to see you there!

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